About Samurai Tee

Samurai Tee stands for highest quality T-shirts, durable and precise print and of course an amazing design. Plastisol ink on black or white Fruit Of The Loom 100% Cotton - the softest, smoothest, best looking T-shirt available!

Our team

People involved in this project are:
Agata - creative director and photographer in one of Torun’s advertising agencies, also a massive martial arts fan in her private live.
Pawel - award winning cartoonist from Poznan, also interested in football and a big fan of PS3 games, privately Agata’s good mate.
Miki - supply and production.
Tomek - production.
Ania - responsible for keeping in touch with our awesome fans and special orders.

Our history

One lovely spring afternoon in 2012, when Agata was watching Yôjinbô yet again, she thought of making a T-shirt with a samurai to praise the culture she admires so much. Around the same time, Pawel was working on new mural in one of his mate’s flats, who also happens to be a great fan of Japanese warriors. They joined their ideas and this is how the samurai came to live. Later called Katō Tadakatsu by the most dedicated FB fans… Katō our unbeatable samurai!

You can check out our lovely fans on FB where they proudly present their samurai tees. Join them and show us were you take your samurai, post your picture on our FB - best ones will be rewarded with samurai gifts.

     Last Man Standing Tee is the first samurai dedicated design but we’ve been involved in making T-shirts for many years now and proved to be successful in it.We are also already working on another fabulous samurai design. New ideas and sketches will soon be shared on twitter and the fanpage - we are hoping to get some valuable feedback from you guys.

Currently you can purchase our samurai tees from the following shops: etsy - discount code: SAMURAI
eBay - always FREE domestic delivery
allegro - always FREE domestic delivery
bonanza - discount code: SAMURAI
and from amazing jemshushi restaurant in Konin, PL.

SamuraiTee for the clubs and special orders

It does not matter if you are very tall, short, tiny or rather big… if we happen not to have the item you are after (a tee, sweatshirt or a onesie), contact us and will be delighted to customise order especially for you.

If you have a shop and would like to add the Samurai T-Shirt to your assortment please let us know. We provide all the necessary promotional photos and graphics. We will also add the link to your shop on our website and the Facebook fan page. We can still customise our products and also if you need any extra print on T-shirt we will do it for you even on an order of a single item. If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them or provide the price ranges. Please bear in mind, that with us the more you order the cheaper it gets.
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